Guidelines to Enhance Your Visit

The gate opens at 5:55 PM and the show starts at 6 PM. The show repeats at about 150 minute intervals from 6PM to 11PM.


A special patriotic show will be played the day after Christmas through our last show Jan 1st.   We’ve improved our roads and parking lots.  We hope everyone will follow these simple suggestions: 




- That is  NOT  a  "slow  poke"  in front of you! They are enjoying the lights. Please

         stay off their bumper and let them enjoy.

- Try to stay out of the yard. We spend a lot of time repairing the tire tracks each spring.

- Yield to exiting cars.

- Drive sloooow. It takes 5 minutes, 30 seconds to go in, around, and out slooowly.

- Find a place to park else you will miss a lot of the show!

- Use parking lights around the square, BUT be safe. Some cars you can't turn the lights off with engine running. Try turning off the car, set the parking

           brake, turn lights off, restart!

- One way traffic around the square - there is a sign...go straight, then right. Clockwise.

- If there is heavy rain, lightning, or more than 2” of new snow, NO SHOW.

- If there is any rain, our safety devices turn off the lights...sometimes (GFCI's). 

- You can diagonal park in the parking lot.

- Back in diagonally on the square parking lot

- Enter from 1100 West but exit left and use 1050 West by the Church or 1025 West.

- Stay in the middle of the road - remember soft shoulders.

- Stay in your vehicle unless using the parking lots - there are wires and electricity EVERYWHERE.

Your safety is important to us...

- Please drive slow when navigating through the

       light show

   - Remain in your vehicle at all times, except in

        designated parking areas

        - Be courteous to fellow visitors

        - Obey all traffic laws

        - Report suspicious activity to law enforcement